Longer Machinery Co., Ltd is a Packing Machine Business Unit of Longer Machinery Co. Ltd---PMBU. Mainly managed all kinds of food packaging machinery, including the series of products in the product list website and solutions of all kinds of food packaging.
Longer PMBU has many years experience in the production of packaging machinery. Longer always adhere to work on the design and research of food packaging machinery. According to demands of the market, Longer machienry can transform scientific and technological achievements to smarter, easier to use and more efficient products. We have our own factory, but it is not a simple factory that is a team can provide solutions to customers. Longer PMBU adheres to the service concept of "customer needs, Longer PMBU mission". Longer Machinery Co. Ltd meet the demand of customers as far as possible as long as they need.
Longer PMBU is committed to provide customers with favorable and suitable food packing machines and solutions. We own the best quality of China, and the most comprehensive of food packaging machines. There are only part of all the products we can offer on the website. Besides, Longer can design a suitable solution according to the different needs of customers. Meanwhile, can customize the more suitable products according to the different situations of different countries and regions.
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